Over the past few years recruiters have delighted in telling us that “the cover letter is dead”.  Well I for one don’t believe it – they may have fallen out of favour with some but they are very much alive and well.  In fact many hiring managers and recruiters adore them.  So don’t dismiss them, they have a lot going for them – here’s why:

A cv plainly states your experience and qualifications.  It doesn’t convey your personality or drive – a cover letter does.

A cover letter, unlike a cv, needs to be tailored for each and every role you apply for.  It takes time and effort to create, as opposed to a generic cv simply being sent.  Writing a cover letter shows you’ve taken the time to think about a role and craft an application, rather than merely firing off a cv with one or two clicks.

A cv talks about what you’ve done, not what you’re looking to do or why.  It doesn’t communicate your desire to work for a particular organisation – a cover letter can.

A cover letter introduces you – it’s your shop front, inviting those interested in what you have to offer to take a closer look.  A great cover letter will leave the reader wanting to read your cv, rather than just having to review it along with many others.

It’s true that they’re not wanted by all recruiters, but wouldn’t you rather write one for someone who doesn’t want it, than not write one for someone who does? In the first instance a bit of time may have been wasted, but no real harm has been done.  In the latter, your job prospects may be greatly affected.

I love a good cover letter, and I’m not the only one.  A cover letter tells me about the person, not just the experience.  It provides the why, to the what and when covered in a cv, which can be the difference between getting an interview or missing out when faced with a number of applicants with similar qualifications and experience.

So don’t believe the rumours that the cover letter has died.  Use them to your advantage and stand out above those who’ve forgotten them. 


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